Benefits of Membership

The Individualist Movement seeks to identify individuals committed to the core principles of respect for life, consent, property, and trial by jury, as embodied in the Individualist Manifesto.

Why should you join yet another organisation?

    • You want to be proactive in protecting your rights as an individual.

    • You want to identify and adopt a consistent set of principles.

    • You want to find and associate with like-minded Individuals.

    • You want the solidarity and support that comes from membership of a group.

What will it cost?

Membership is free. You will be expected to provide your contact details, to confirm your support for the Individualist Manifesto, and to participate in the affairs of the movement.

What will you get?

You will enjoy the privileges of membership, including the opportunity

      • to attend conferences and general meetings

      • to receive and to contribute to movement communications on social media

      • to undertake movement projects on your own

What do we hope to achieve?

We hope to

    • establish a contact list of committed individualists

    • provide an interesting and entertaining forum for such individuals

    • change the prevailing consensus from statism and communism to individualism

    • host conferences, seminars and classes to educate the general public

    • promote the Individualist Manifesto locally and internationally

    • participate actively in social media to represent and advance the Individualist Manifesto

    • associate with and influence other civic organisations with similar agendas

What are we not?

We are not

    • A political party.

    • The libertarian society, which remains as a loose collection of libertarians

    • A secret society. Our membership is open to anyone who accepts the Individualist Manifesto

What next?

Complete the membership form. Read through the website and blog. Join the social media groups. Share with friends and relatives.