Why secession? Why now?

South Africa experienced a collective catharsis in 2018. The nightmare of the Zuma years finally ended, and we discovered to our surprise and horror that the body politic was riddled with cancer and corruption. It is probably on its deathbed. Virtually every state organ is diseased, on the brink of failure. And the witchdoctors in charge keep chanting meaningless spells like EWC, NDR, WMC and RET wich only make the patient sicker.

Like angry relatives around a dying patient, South Africans have turned to blaming each other for circumstances beyond their control.  

Because they constitute a majority of warm bodies within a particular set of boundaries, many blacks believe they are entitled to all of South Africa, to the land, to the wealth, to the power, and to MY life and property. They use their control of the government to enforce discriminatory legislation, to extract punitive taxes, to deploy cadres to all levels of the state.

Many minority groups, particularly whites and coloureds, do not feel in control of their own destiny. They are scared by the blatant hate-speech, the endless claims of racism,  the ongoing and unpunished acts of violence. They do not see a safe or prosperous future in a country dominated by socialists and communists.

When minorities in other countries are faced with similar circumstances, they often turn to secession from the oppressing state as a solution. Examples include South Sudan, East Timor, Kosovo, Montenegro, Catalonia. Geographically and historically the Cape Province is well suited to secede from the South African state.

The proliferation of groups advocating secession in the Western Cape, and their increasing levels of popular support,  indicates this is an idea whose time is coming. The challenge will be to focus this developing energy on the ultimate goal, while avoiding petty turf wars amongst the various advocates.

This paper is issued by the Individualist Movement as a contribution towards this process. We also plan to bring the various secession groups together in a conference to be held in the Cape in March 2019. We see ourselves as an honest broker amongst the various secession groups, while having no preference for any specific one.

Secession options

Secession issues


Political - win political control of the Western Cape.

Prior occupation claim.

Legal - invoke the secession options in the SA constitution, as the Orania Movement has done.

Military - organise a coup d’etat by an armed insurgency.

A different approach - secession by stealth

We believe that the stealth approach is the  best chance for secession in the Cape in the near future. With this approach existing small and homogeneous communities would be targeted for local secession.  Examples include Hartenbos, Prince Albert, Hout Bay, Morgans Bay and many others.

A precedent for this approach is the New Hampshire movement in the United States where up to 20,000 libertarians have relocated to the small New Hampshire state with the intention of dominating the electoral process in that State.



Next steps

The Individualist Movement suggests that all organisations with an interest in secession get together in the near future, to:

We are happy to facilitate such a gathering, conference or convention.  Please let us know if you are interested by contacting Trevor Watkins on (083 4411 721), or Dr Clive Coetzee on (082 796 4500).