With Justice for All

Economic and Business Education and Training

For evil to triumph, it only needs good men to do nothing.”

Can the South African mindset be changed?

Our future depends on it.

WJFA is a brilliant program to change the mindset of your workers

There is a great deal of unrest and unhappiness in South Africa today.

People are unhappy about poor service delivery, wages that do not keep up with rising prices, increasing insecurity and a diminishing standard of living. They do not understand why unemployment is so high, why our economy is so sluggish and why poverty is always increasing. They look to the State for answers and find none.

The Free Market Foundation has developed an excellent program to educate people in:

The program is called With Justice for All.

It consists of 8 one-hour videos explaining fundamental principles of business and economics.

It also comes with workbooks, train-the-trainer workshops and manuals and can be presented in-house by your own trained presenters.

The program is available in English, Afrikaans, Xhosa, Zulu and Sotho. The videos use cartoon like figures and are therefore not linked to any race and is non-sexist.

It does not offend and is not sensitive or judgmental. With Justice for All has been presented to an estimated 1.5 million workers with excellent success stories. This is a brilliant program to change the mindset of your workers. For a small investment, your company can make a HUGE difference.

For more information and one of our consultants to do a presentation please call George Werner (0713466922) or Trevor Watkins (0834411721).