Your Predictions

How this works

1. Anyone may propose a new prediction topic on the PREDICTION TOPIC form (on the IM website). If accepted by the admin, this topic will be added to the list below.

2. Each participant selects a position (agree or disagree) and a wager amount (R20, R200 or R1000).

4. When the prediction matures, all the amounts wagered for the losing proposition will be divided amongst the participants choosing the winning proposition, in proportion to the amount of each winning participant's wager.  The admin will distribute these amounts to the winners.

5. Players can see the total amount wagered on the Prediction Analysis form. Players must  deposit their wagered amounts total into the IM bank account (Capitec, Individualist Movement a/c  2005 117 176). This amount must be received before  any payouts will be made.  This is an honour system, so funds may or may not be available from the losers.

6. The organisers decision (Trevor Watkins) is final.