Secession Conference

Preliminary Draft

Politically and economically, South Africa in 2018 is arguably in a worse position than it was 31 years ago in 1987.  In that year the Institute for Democratic Alternatives in South Africa (IDASA) organised a conference in Dakar to bring together the ANC-in-exile and leading members of South African civil society. This historic conference broke the logjam in South African political discourse, despite vigorous opposition from both sides..

South Africa is blessed with a rich array of effective civil society organisations, most focussed on the rights and freedoms of individuals. It is cursed with a government still actively trying to implement the hopelessly failed communist/socialist strategy. In 2019 the country goes to the polls, with a strong likelihood that the same old failed political solutions will be trotted out yet again as though they were the only alternative.

It is time to articulate and present a different narrative to the South African people. It is time to present a viable alternative to the failed politics of the past.  In March 2019 the Individualist Movement is planning a gathering of all the civil society organisations committed to the interests of individuals,. At this conference we hope to achieve the following:

We are in the early planning phases of this process. The conference will probably

Your organisation is invited to join the Individualist Movement as a partner in turning this exciting and challenging idea into a reality. Please contact Dr Clive Coetzee on 082 796 4500 ( or Trevor Watkins on 083 4411 721 ( for more details..

Provisional Conference Program

The conference is scheduled to run from 13th March to 15th March 2019 at The Durbanville Conference Centre in the Western Cape.